Adieu to 4:00am Wakeup Calls


March is here! Spring is coming closer! And I’m particularly happy about this month because I’m a line-holder! In flight attendant scheduling jargon, a line-holder means you hold a hard line  (a set schedule) as opposed to a reserve line where you are on-call and don’t know when you will fly. Hard lines are based on seniority, so this means I’ve been moving up in the chain of flight attendants! Being a line-holder means I have control over my schedule, I can swap, drop, and trade trips, and I don’t have to wake up at 4:00am anymore to clock in! Crew scheduling doesn’t control my life!

This March has very few reserve lines, meaning in April it’s possible I could loose my line again and go back on reserve. But I’m trying to think optimistically and hope for the best. There should be several training classes finishing before April which means more reserves coming out on the line, bumping me further up in seniority.


But for now, my focus is March. I have a pretty good schedule full of flying that I switched around a bit. I have two overnights in Detroit so I’m planning on visiting my grandmother who lives there. I also have a 20-hour layover in New Orleans so I’m planning on going out into the city to explore. I also got a 30-hour layover in Syracuse, New York…not sure on what I plan on doing there but I’ll figure something out.

At the end of the month I have 4 days off and I’m hoping to go to San Francisco with my flight attendant friend Rusty. We’ve been trying to go since last month but reserve scheduling was not kind to us. Hopefully this time we’ll be successful!

I’m excited about March and the changing seasons. Here’s to fresh beginnings!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Always taking photos of the sky at sunrise/sunset

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