A Week in Krabi, Thailand

Enjoy some pictures of my brief trip to Thailand in October! I had the opportunity to volunteer at retreat held in Krabi, a southern coastal area of Thailand. While most of my time was spent at the hotel/resort for the retreat, there were times when I was able to go out and our group even went island hopping!

Most of my trip was spent eating because when we weren’t working at the retreat, we were, well, stuffing ourselves. Thai food is one of my favorite foreign cuisines. There are curries, soups, noodles, and lots of seafood. My favorite is the curry, made thick and rich with coconut milk. It has a kick to it because of the red chilies inside. Curries are often cooked with a meat and vegetables such as snap peas, mushrooms, and round eggplant. The ingredients are all stewed together with lemongrass and basil for a fragrant, slightly sour but very delicious flavor. It’s paired perfectly with hot jasmine rice. I could eat it everyday (and I pretty much did that week).

I only tried mango sticky rice once during the trip, which was unfortunate because I fell completely. in. love. The mango is sliced on a plate with a serving of warm glutinous rice, drizzled with sweet coconut milk syrup. This dessert is often served at roadside stands and mom-and-pop shops. When I got my mango sticky rice, I was a bit skeptical at the appearance of the mango because it looked a little pale and unripe, but it was bursting with flavor and perfectly soft. It completely changed my life. Mango sticky rice will be the first thing I eat when I go back to Thailand.

On our day off, our group purchased an island hopping tour of three nearby islands. The weather had been rainy and cloudy in the hours leading up to the tour, but while we were out on the water it was absolutely perfect. The place looked like a postcard: blue cloudless skies paired with white beaches and aqua ocean.

I loved being back in East Asia, even if only for a few days. The food was so delicious and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to go back soon.




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